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[Wyndham Lewis:]

AUTOMOBILISM (Marinetteism) bores us. We don’t want to go about making a hullo-bulloo about motor cars, anymore than about knives and forks, elephants or gas-pipes.

Elephants are VERY BIG. Motor cars go quickly.

Wilde gushed twenty years ago about the beauty of machinery. Gissing, in his romantic delight with modern lodging houses was futurist in this sense.

The futurist is a sensational and sentimental mixture of the aesthete of 1890 and the realist of 1870.

Aus: Long live the Vortex! In: Blast. REVIEW OF THE GREAT ENGLISH VORTEX. Edited by WYNDHAM LEWIS. No. 1. , June 20th, 1914, S. 8.