Poems for the Millennium II

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Poems for the Millennium. Volume Two.From Postwar to Millennium. Edited by Jerome Rothenberg & Pierre Joris. Berkeley, Los Angeles, London: University of California Press, 1998 (Book of Modern & Postmodern Poetry)

Table of contents

PRELUDE. In the Dark

Charles Olson La Préface

Paul Celan A Death Fugue

Anna Akhmatova from Poem without a Hero: Epilogue

Toge Sankichi from Poems of the Atomic Bomb: Dying

René Depestre Season of Anger

Ingeborg Bachmann The Time Allotted

Antonin Artaud from To Have Done with the Judgment of God


Gertrude Stein from The Mother of Us All

Wallace Stevens Not Ideas about the Thing but the Thing Itself

James Joyce from Finnegans Wake

William Carlos Williams from Paterson, Book Three

Ezra Pound Canto 116

H.D. from Hermetic Definition: Red Rose and a Beggar (1-9)

Hugh MacDiarmid The Glass of Pure Water

André Breton from Ode to Charles Fourier

Henri Michaux from Saisir

Louis Zukofsky from A "12"

Pablo Neruda from The Heights of Macchu Picchu

Gunnar Ekelöf from Mölna Elegy

Muriel Rukeyser The Speed of Darkness

Aimé Césaire from I, Laminaria


Marie Luise Kaschnitz My Ground Who Would Have Thought It

Vladimir Holan from A Night with Hamlet

Samuel Beckett Imagination Dead Imagine

George Oppen Psalm Myth of the Blaze

Yannis Ritsos The Meaning of Simplicity Naked Face Erotica XII from 3 x 111 Tristychs

Charles Olson "my memory is ..." "Peloria ..." The Moon Is the Number 18 Maximus from Dogtown - II "Added to ..."

Edmond Jabès from The Book of Questions "The Jew answers every question" The Book of the Living "Have you seen how a word is born and dies?"

John Cage [Epigraph] "If there were a part of life dark enough" from Song Books: Solo for Voice 17 Song with Electronics (Relevant) Two Mesostics re Merce Cunningham from Diary: How to Improve the World (You Will Only Make Matters Worse 1965)


H.C. Artmann [Untitled] "an optician has a glass heart"

Friederike Mayröcker Ostia Will Receive You

Ernst Jandl Chanson Calypso Preliminary Studies for the Frankfurt Readings 1984

Gerhard Rühm Flower Piece A Few Things

Konrad Bayer from The Philosopher's Stone The White and the Black Bones


Nicanor Parra The Individual's Solliloquy

Octavio Paz from Blanco

Bert Schierbeek The Sun: Day The Animal Has Drawn a Human

Robert Duncan Often I Am Permited to Return to a Meadow At the Loom Passages 2 In Blood's Domaine

Yoshioka Minoru Pilgrimage

Paul Celan Breathcrystal

Mohammed Dib from Formulaires

Amos Tutuola from My Life in the Bush of Ghosts: Television-handed Ghostess

Helmut Heissenbüttel Didactic Poem on the Nature of History, A.D. 1954 Combination II from Textbook 10

Jackson Mac Low Asymmetry 205 from The Pronouns - A Collection of 40 Dances - for the Dancers 3rd Light Poem: For Spencer, Beate, & Sebastian Holst - 12June 1962 Pieces o' Six - II

Pier Paolo Pasolini from A Desperate Vitality

Vasko Popa Burning Shewolf


Yusuf al-Khal Cain the Immortal The Wayfarers

Badr Shakir al-Sayyab The River and Death

Adonis A Desire Moving through the Maps of the Material

Muhammad al-Maghut Executioner of Flowers

Unsi al-Hajj The Charlatan


Denise Levertov The Jacob's Ladder Age of Terror

Yehuda Amichai National Thoughts Elegy Near the Wall of a House

Friederike Mayröcker "the spirit of '76"

Emmett Williams from The Red Chair (for Three Voices) from The Ultimate Poem

Robin Blaser Image-Nation 22 (In Memoriam

Ernesto Cardenal In xóchitl in cuícatl

Rosario Castellanos Two Meditations Two Poems

Claude Gauvreau Trustful Fatigue and Reality Leg of Mutton Créateur


Asger Jorn, with Christian Dotremont from Word-Pictures

Christian Dotremont Logogramme Some Lapland Views

Karel Appel Mad Talk

Gerrit Kouwenaar Elba 4 Variations On

Lucebert Rousseau le Douanier 9000 Jackals Swimming to Boston

Pierre Alechinsky Ad Miró

Hugo Claus The Tollund Man


Ian Hamilton Finlay from Heroic Emblems (with Ron Costley & Stephen Bann) Images from the Arcadian Dream Garden The Garden Temple

Ingeborg Bachmann Curriculum Vitae

Paul Blackburn Phone Call to Rutherford At the Well The Net of Place

Robert Creeley The Whip Anger

René Depestre from A Rainbow for the Christian West: Three Loas Cap'tain Zombi Baron Samedi Chango

Allen Ginsberg [Epigraph] "I saw the best minds ..." Mescaline Kral Majales

Robert Filliou, per George Brecht from 14 Songs and 1 Riddle

Frank O'Hara The Day Lady Died Homosexuality Ode: Salute to the French Negro Poets

John Ashbery from Flow Chart

Larry Eigner explanation / tangent things Winter (January / February 1978) "ah, so, yes" [Three Poems 1989]


Eugen Gomringer Two Poems mist/mountain/butterfly hang and swinging hang and swinging

Ian Hamilton Finlay Poster Poem

Emmett Williams Like Attracts Like

Seiichi Nikuni Rain

Ilse & Pierre Garnier Extension 2: Soleil

Seiichi Nikuni & Pierre Garnier from Poèmes franco-japonais

Haroldo de Campos from Transient Servitude

Augusto de Campos Eye for Eye

Karl Young Bookforms


Armand Schwerner from The Tablets

Anne Sexton from The Jesus Papers

Bernard Heidsieck from Derviche / Le Robert: The Letter "K"

Joyce Mansour In the Gloom on the Left Going and Coming of Sequins

Nathaniel Tarn from Lyrics for the Bride of God

Hannah Weiner Two Code Poems from the International Code of Signals from Clairvoyant Journal sand

Edward Dorn from Gunslinger I

Adrienne Rich The Ninth Symphony of Beethoven Understood at Last as a Sexual Message The Phenomenology of Anger

Chinua Achebe Bull and Egret We Laughed at Him


William S. Burroughs Fear and the Monkey

Jack Kerouac from Mexico City Blues: 211th Chorus

Bob Kaufman I AM A CAMERA "All Those Ships That Never Sailed" January 30, 1976: Message to Myself

Allen Ginsberg America

Gregory Corso The Mad Yak Transformation & Escape

Michael McClure from Ghost Tantras A Small Secret Book

Diane di Prima Prophetissa Studies in Light


Kamau Brathwaite Stone

Michel Deguy "O great apposition of the world" "You will be astonished" "This lady and her beautiful window" To Forget the Image

Amelia Rosselli Letter to Her Brother from Martial Variations Dialogue with the Dead

Gary Snyder What You Should Know to Be a Poet from Myths & Texts first Shaman Song this Poem Is for Bear The Hump-Backed Flute Player


Paul Celan from The Meridian Speech

Charles Olson Three Statements from The Present Is Prologue A Plan for a Curriculum of the Soul The Resistance

John Cage from Lecture on Nothing

Edouard Glissant from Earth

Situationist International (Guy Debord, et al.) from All the King's Men

Amiri Baraka Black Dada Nihilismus

Adrienne Rich from When We Dead Awaken: Writing as Re-Vision

Nicanor Parra Test

George Maciunas A Manifesto for Fluxus

Henri Chopin from Poésie Sonore

Bob Cobbing A Statement on Sound Poetry 1969

Steve McCaffery from Text-Sound, Energy and Performance

Dick Higgins Intermedia Chart

Denis Roche from Le Mécrit: Struggle and Erasure

Edward Sanders from Investigative Poetry

Julian Beck the state will be served even by poets

Rachel Blau DuPlessis from Otherhow

Carolee Schneemann Interior Scroll

Ishmael Reed from Neo-HooDoo Manifesto

Adonis from Preface

Sujata Bhatt from Search for My Tongue

Charles Bernstein from Artifice of Absorption

Diane di Prima from Rant

Preamble & Statement for a Council on Counterpoetics


Tchicaya U Tam'si The Treasure

Jerome Rothenberg That Dada Strain from Khurbn The Lorca Variations (XXVIII)

Paavo Haavikko from The Winter Palace The First Poem The Second Poem

Tomas Tranströmer The Gallery

Ece Ayhan To Trace from Hebrew The Nigger in a Photograph Geranium and the Child


María Sabina from The Midnight Velada

Andrew Peynetsa The Shumeekuli

Eduardo Calderón Raising the Mediating Center and the Field of Evil, and/or A Call to the Staffs with the Twenty-Five Thousand Accounts and the Chant of the Ancients

Robert Johnson Hellhound on My Trail

Komi Ekpe Abuse Poems: For Kodzo & Others

Miss Queenie (Imogene Elizabeth Kennedy) One Day

Tom Waits Swordfishtrombone

After Dizzy Gillespie Sabla y Blu


Jacques Roubaud Some Thing Black: Section V

David Antin Endangered Nouns

Andrei Voznesensky Look Back into the Future On the Metamorphoses Brought about by Emotion: The Rebellion of the Eyes The Genealogy of Crosses

Amiri Baraka Numbers, Letters Das Kapital

Ted Berrigan People of the Future from The Sonnets

Inger Christensen Alphabet 9, 10

Sarah Kirsch "The Wels a Fish that Lives on the Bottom" "In an Airplane I'm Supposed to" Pandora's Box From Kite-Flying Mornings Call Renting a Room


The Arechi & After

Tamura Ryuichi My Imperialism

Tanikawa Shuntaro from With Silence My Companion Cycle of Months (Menstruation)

Ooka Makoto Marilyn

Shiraishi Kazuko The Man Root

Yoshimasu Gozo Pulling in the Reins Osiris, the God of Stone

Fujii Sadakazu from Where Is Japanese Poetry? Wolf Small Dream

Ito Hiromi Near Kitami Station on the Odakyu Line


Clayton Eshleman Our Lady of the Three-Pronged Devil

Robert Kelly Ode to Language The Man Who Loved White Chocolate

Rosmarie Waldrop Feverish Propositions from A Key into the Language of America

Alejandra Pizarnik Paths of the Mirror

Jayne Cortez Nighttrains

Kenneth Irby Four Poems "I met the Angel Sus on the Skin Bridge" "slowly the old stone building walls downtown dissolve" [trash] from [three sets of three]

J.H. Prynne from Wound Response Of Movement Towards a Natural Place Landing Area Chromatin Melanin An Evening Walk

Rochelle Owens Dedication I Am the Babe of Joseph Stalin's Daughter from W. C. Fields in French Light

Monique Wittig from The Lesbian Body

Takahashi Mutsuo Monkey-Eaters from Self-Portraits Myself in the Disguise of an Ancient Queen Myself with a Glory Hole

Anne-Marie Albiach Winter Voyage


Edoardo Sanguineti The Last Stroll: Homage to Pascoli

Giulia Niccolai From the Novissimi

Nanni Balestrini from The Instinct of Self-Preservation Tape Mark

Antonio Porta To Open

Adriano Spatola The Risk of Abstraction The Poem Stalin


Susan Howe from Pythagorean Silence Scattering as Behavior toward Risk

Tom Phillips from A Humument from Six of Hearts: Songs for Mary Wiegold

David Meltzer from Hero/Lil: The Third Shell

Diane Wakoski George Washington and the Loss of His Teeth The Ice Eagle

Tom Raworth Lion Lion Jungle Book Bolivia: Another End of Ace

Elke Erb Text and Commentary

Malay Roy Choudhury Stark Electric Jesus

Göran Sonnevi "Demon colors, dark" A Child Is Not a Knife

Clark Coolidge from The Crystal Text from Baffling Means (with Philip Guston)


Lyn Hejinian from My Life

Ron Silliman from Ketjak

Bob Perelman China

Rae Armantrout Native

Barrett Watten Complete Thought I-XXV

Bruce Andrews "Zero Tolerance" AKA

Charles Bernstein Of Time and the Line Outrigger

Carla Harryman Not-France


Pierre Guyotat from Tales of Samora Machel

Mohammed Khaïr-Eddine Refusal to Inter Barbarian

Simon Ortiz From an Interview The Wisconsin Horse Final Solution: Jobs, Leaving

Lyn Hejinian Oxota, Book 2

Mahmoud Darwish from Memory for Forgetfulness

John Taggart Monk Slow Song for Mark Rothko

Quincy Troupe Avalanche

Nicole Brossard from The Barbizon

Michael Palmer from Sun Sun

Allen Fisher Conga Continental Walk

bp Nichol A Sequence of Poems from The Martyrology 7

Charles Stein A Parmenides Machine

Alice Notley from Désamère

Anne Waldman Iovis XIX: Why That's a Blade Can Float


Bei Dao The Answer The August Sleepwalker "He opens wide a third eye ..."

Duo Duo When People Rise from Cheese, Statement #1 North Sea

Mang Ke from ApeHerd

Shu Ting The Mirror

Yang Lian Crocodile 1-15

Gu Cheng A Generation from The Bulin File


Pierre Joris from Winnetou Old

Arkadii Dragomoschenko A Sentimental Elegy

Nathaniel Mackey Song of the Andoumboulou: 15

Habib Tengour from Empedocles' Sandal

Leslie Scalapino Instead of an Animal

Cecilia Vicuña Five Notebooks for Exit Art

Will Alexander Albania & the Death of Enver Hoxha

Victor Hernandez Cruz Caminando Mesa Blanca

Coral Bracho On Contact Opens Its Indigo Pit On the Facets: The Flashing

Nina Iskrenko Isn't She Not a Bird Polystylistics

TOWARD A CYBERPOETICS. The Poem in the Machine

First Collage: The Poem in the Machine

Marcel Duchamp Rotary Demi-Sphere (Precision Optics) with Pun

Abraham Lincoln Gillespie from Readie-Soundpiece (for Bob Brown's Reading Machine)

Steve McCaffery from Carnival the First Panel: 1967-70

Bernard Heidsieck from Canal Street

Jackson Mac Low 34th Merzgedicht in Memoriam Kurt Schwitters

Jim Rosenberg Two Intergrams

John Cayley from <Reveal Code>: Indra's Net VIII

Second Collage: Toward a Cyberpoetics


Maggie O'Sullivan Narrative Charm for Ibbotroyd from Doubtless: "The Dancer-"

Theresa Hak Kyung Cha from Dictée: Elitere Lyric Poetry

POSTLUDES. At the Turning

Robert Duncan After a Long Illness

Pierre Joris Fin-de-Siècle Identikit

Jerome Rothenberg Prologomena to a Poetics