Names of things

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SLUR, a mark in music connecting notes. [1]

Does a slur require us to sing the
notes as one ?

SCALD, a singer or poet among the Scandinavians.

WALTZ, a kind of dance ; a kind of music


BARD, a song ; a composer and singer of songs.


PIBROCH, a wild kind of music performed on the bagpipes.

QUAVER, a thrill ; a musical shake or vibration.


ARTist, one skilled in art, as poetry, music, painting.

--ic, ical, ically--

PAINT, a substance that colors.

GRAver, one who cuts letters or figures on wood or metal ; a tool.

En--, one who cuts into wood or metal.

MEDALLION, a large medal.

CLEF, a character used on a staff of music.

RONDO, a kind of poetry or music that turns upon itself.

LAY, a plaint.

BISter, a dark brown pigment.

BALLAD, a simple story.

-- -maker, -singer--

MADRIGAL, a love-poem.

CRAYON, a kind of pencil.

SCROLL, a spiral ornament.

LUTE, a stringed instrument.

FIFE, a small pipe used as a wind instrument.

LYRE, a stringed instrument.

--ic, ical--


ART, strength ; the practice of human skill.

--ist, isan--

POET, one who makes or creates ; the author of a poem.

--ry, thing made by a poet ; a composition in verse. --ic, ical, ically--

SCULptor, one who carves on wood or stone.

--ture--, the thing sculptured ; art of carving on wood or stone.

PICTURE, that which is painted ; a representation in colors.

MUsic, an agreeable combination of sounds

--al, ally, ian--

Un--, not--

ORGAN, the largest of wind instruments of music.

--pipe, -tone--

CymBAL, a dish-like instrument of music, played by striking two of them together.

DisSONAnce, discord of sounds.

ConSONAnce, concord of sounds.

ReSONAnce, a return of sound ; resounding.

ConcORD, an agreement of sounds.


DiscORD, a disagreement of sounds.


ImprESSion, a mark ; stamp ; edition of a book.

PerSPECTive, seeing through ; pertaining to distance in pictures.

ODE, an irregular poem.

EPIC, a poem having a great hero for its subject.

POEM, a composition in musical language or verse.

STYLE, the mode of art.

HARMONY, agreement of sounds.

MELODY, the sweetness of song ; a succession of sweet sounds.

PIGMENT, a paint.


DRAMA, a poem representing a picture of life which is acted.

--tic, tical, tically--

COMEDY, a village song ; a dramatic poem representing the laughable passions.


ELEGY, a complaint ; a sorrowful poem.

TRAGEDY, the great song ; a dramatic poem representing great actors.


MELODY, a honey-song ; a succession of sweet sounds.

from: Hand-Book of the Engrafted Words of the English Language, Embracing the Choice Gothic, Celtic, French, Latin, and Greek Words on the Basis of the Hand-Book of the Anglo-Saxon Root-Words. By a literary Association. (The American System of Education) New York, London: Appleton, 1854


[1] Mus. Bindung, Bindebogen; legato; ... verwischen, verschleifen; Undeutlichkeit, Genuschel