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VOL. I, NO. 1, SUMMER 2012

The Battersea Review


Publisher and Managing Editor: U.S. Dhuga

Editor: Ben Mazer

Contributing Editors: Philip Nikolayev (U.S.), Todd Swift (U.K.), Jeet Thayil (India), Peter Behrman de Sinéty (France), Mario Murgia (Mexico)

Designer: Drew VanderVeen


  • "Office Worker, 1928; Painters Wife, 1926; and Laboratory Technician, 1938" by Adam Kirsch
  • "After Crossroads, Dog 193, and Lyric" by Ailbhe Darcy
  • "The King " by Ben Mazer
  • "Elizabeth Still, and Mortiferous Activity" by Corey Mesler
  • "Zone" by David Meltzer
  • "Kingsessing Avenue, The Lost Kings Uphold My Side, and Routes" by Ernest Hilbert
  • "Edgar Rice Burroughs, Purvis Young Dies At 67, and other poems" by Gerard Malanga
  • "From The Greek Anthology, Book XVII" by Greg Delanty
  • "The Future Infinitives, Again By Water, and Re:Application" by Jeet Thayil
  • "The Limerick Oddyssey, Books Twelve Through Twenty Four" by Joe Green
  • "The Green Man In April, and Ativan/Augustine" by John Hennessy
  • "Three Poems " by Kathleen Rooney
  • "Rivalry, Vita Nova, and other poems" by Katia Kapovich
  • "Transit Inspection, and Imitations of Coleridge" by M. A. Schorr
  • "After You Left, The Splendour of Your Darkness, and Angelito Del Fango " by M. E. Silverman
  • "* * *" by Peter Behrman de Sinéty
  • "Juvenilia, Where Arhe Whe?, and five other poems" by Philip Nikolayev
  • "Four Poems" by Richard Brammer
  • "For John Matthias, Hieratic Perspective, and La Bandera" by Robert Archambeau
  • "A Sock Is Not A Human Being" by Stephen Burt
  • "Eleven Poems" by Stephen Sturgeon


  • "The Foundations of Poetry Mathematics" by Ben Mazer
  • "A Thing Attempted in Rhyme: the Vicissitudes of Translating the Furioso into Renaissance English and Spanish" by Mario Murgia
  • "A Cessation of Resemblances" by Marjorie Perloff (Gertrude Stein, Marcel Duchamp)
  • "Philip Larkin and the Splendid Poem / Unsplendid Reality" by Nora Delaney
  • "Terence Tiller's Lovely Shapes of Rhetoric" by Todd Swift
  • "Gadabout" by Weldon Kees and Vincent McHugh, transcribed and edited by James Reidel