An African Treasury

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An African Treasury by Langston Hughes. ARTICLES / ESSAYS / STORIES / POEMS BY BLACK AFRICANS SELECTED BY LANGSTON HUGHES. New York: Publisher Crown Publishers, Inc., 1960. 232 p.





Return to West Africa, Abioseh Nicol, Sierra Leone 1

Requiem for Sophiatown, Can Themba, South Africa 10

Ibos as They Are, Onyenaekeya Udeagu, Nigeria 16

The Widows of the Reserves, Phyllis Ntantala, South Africa 20

Why I Ran Away, Bloke Modisane, South Africa 26

African Freedom, Tom Mboya, Kenya 30

Accra Conference Diary, Ezekiel Mphahlele, South Africa 36

The Blacks, Peter Abrahams, South Africa 42

Renascent Africa, Frederick S. Arkhurst, Ghana 56


With the Lid Off, Todd Matshikiza, South Africa 65

An African's Adventures in America, Babs Fafunwa, Nigeria 68

Counsel's Opinion, South Africa 72

Girl About Town, Marion Morel, South Africa 73

What Nkrumah Said to the U.S. Senate, Kwame Nkrumah, Ghana 75

African Lonely Hearts, South Africa 77

The Origin of Death, Hottentot Folk Tale . 80

The Greater Trickster, Efik Folk Tale 81

The Butcher's Share, Efik Folk Tale 82

Tribal Proverbs 83


Africa and the Cinema, J. Koyinde Vaughan, Nigeria 85

African Work Songs, Tennyson Makiwane, South Africa 95

Funeral of a Whale, J. Benibengor Blay, Ghana 98

Akan Poetry, J.H. Kwabena Nketia, Ghana 102


New Life at Kyerefaso, Efua Theodora Sutherland, Ghana 111

Death in the Sun, Peter Kumalo, South Africa 118

Ajantala, the Noxious Guest, Amos Tutuola, Nigeria 121

The Bench, Richard Rive, South Africa 128

Mista Courifer, Adelaide Casely-Hayford, Sierra Leone 134

As the Night, the Day, Abioseh Nicol, Sierra Leone 144

Law of the Grazing Fields, Cyprian Ekwensi, Nigeria 157

Anticipation, Mabel Dove-Danquah, Ghana 163

Episode in Malay Camp, Peter Abrahams, South Africa 168


African Heaven, Francis Ernest Kobina Parkes, Ghana 177

Spirit of the Wind, Gabriel 0kara, Nigeria 181

Forefathers, Birago Diop, Senegal 183

Return: Two Poems, Abioseh Nicol, Sierra Leone 185

The Serving Girl, Aquah Laluah, Ghana 187

Play Song, Peter Kumalo, South Africa 188

That Heavenly Moment, Dei Anang, Ghana 189

Life in Our Village, Matei Markwei, Ghana 190

Flute Players, Jean Joseph Rabéarivelo, Malagasy Republic 191

Vultures, Simon Pederek, Ghana 193

Two in London, Wole Soyinka, Nigeria 194

To the American Negro Troops, Leopold Sédar Senghor, Senegal 199

Song of the Poor Man, Anonymous, Zanzibar 201

Weapon, J. W. W. Citashe, South Africa 203